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I’m sad today.

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Sometimes I really, really hate you. I hate how you got away with all of this without a scratch. I hate how she never knew so you never had to deal with any blame. I hate how I’m the girl in the situation, so to the world, I must be the one at fault. I hate how all of a sudden you’re the one walking away so now I’m left to deal with the helplessness.

I don’t know what to do except hate you.

I want to be with my boyfriend every second of every day. When I’m mad, sad, happy, crying, laughing.. anything. I need him to be there. And that is how I know he’s it.

I love that you have the audacity to criticize me and say “All my friends are in high school.” when you’re suggesting double-dating with the same two people I’m friends with.

I’m almost positive I’m going to marry this boy.

my boyfriend wants me to get a superhero costume with him for his friend’s halloween party but i’m too insecure with my body to convince myself to go. lolz.


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I’m having the best sex I’ve ever had with you. Ugh.

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I met a cute boy at work. We started talking once I mentioned Warped Tour and he said he listens to all the same music as me and A Day To Remember is one of his favorite bands and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is both one of our favorite movies. We went out for drinks after talking all night at work and then we talked all night at the bar until 4AM and he made fun of my accent and was completely adorable. Then when we went outside to say goodnight and go home, we kept talking until 6AM. Then we went to get breakfast at this cute little egg place and then finally around 7AM we went our separate ways. Now we’ve been texting each other all day.


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Did I also mention that I need some lovin’? Pronto.

I’m helping a friend promote his comedy show tomorrow at a hotel in Vegas and I just really wanna look pretty so people might actually go but I’ve been feeling so gross and my skin is breaking out all bad cause it’s so hot and my hair is stupid and never looks nice and blah, hating myself tonight.