So I don’t ever forget what this felt like with you.

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Dear you, I want to have sex with you so exceptionally bad right now.

Jul 18 · / 1 note

I’ve been blessed to have been truly loved by three different men in my life, and one who I believe really thought he was in love with me.

So how is it I can feel this alone?

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I need to lose weight

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What I do when I’m bored

I’m sad today.

Dec 31 · / 1 note

Sometimes I really, really hate you. I hate how you got away with all of this without a scratch. I hate how she never knew so you never had to deal with any blame. I hate how I’m the girl in the situation, so to the world, I must be the one at fault. I hate how all of a sudden you’re the one walking away so now I’m left to deal with the helplessness.

I don’t know what to do except hate you.

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I want to be with my boyfriend every second of every day. When I’m mad, sad, happy, crying, laughing.. anything. I need him to be there. And that is how I know he’s it.

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I love that you have the audacity to criticize me and say “All my friends are in high school.” when you’re suggesting double-dating with the same two people I’m friends with.

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I’m almost positive I’m going to marry this boy.

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my boyfriend wants me to get a superhero costume with him for his friend’s halloween party but i’m too insecure with my body to convince myself to go. lolz.

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I’m having the best sex I’ve ever had with you. Ugh.